Barnt Green Physiotherapy is based in the village of Barnt Green and is well-placed if you’re in Bromsgrove and are looking for a physio for any type of injury or pain. Our physio Kath Hamflett has been providing care for patients for over 25 years in the NHS and in private clinics. You can visit our clinic in Barnt Green, or we can arrange visits to your Bromsgrove home.

The aim of physiotherapy is to remove any pain that you’re experiencing and to make sure that any long-term damage is rectified. That way you can be sure the pain will not recur over and over again. It can help you to regain full motion in a particular muscle group and sort out particular niggles that have been troubling you for long periods.

If the injury or pain has been so severe as to keep you off work the physio work can get you back on your feet and back to working full-time and without any discomfort. Part of the role of the physiotherapist is to provide advice and guidance on your lifestyle and working practices that could be causing pain.

This is known as ergonomic assessment and is particularly useful if you have been experiencing spinal or back pain. It pinpoints to reason for the pain and provides you with solutions such as specialist chairs and desk arrangements.

A consultation with our physio will include a discussion of the problem and your medical history, an examination of the problem area. A diagnosis of the cause is the aim of the first session, and you will leave with a treatment plan to get started with. There’s no need to wait for your doctor to refer you to a physio, you can just call up and arrange an appointment.

The treatments that you may be prescribed can include specific exercise programs to gradually build up extra strength in problem muscle groups and extra mobility. Alternately, you may be prescribed ultrasound, electrotherapy, massage, core stability, muscle manipulation and proprioception treatments. Our physio Kath Hamflett is also accredited for the McKenzie method, specifically designed for back and spinal problems.

A program of physiotherapy is much more effective in the relief of pain and discomfort than simply relying on painkillers to mask the symptoms. Physiotherapy targets the root cause and sets about alleviating it – painkillers simply hide the problem rather than confronting it.

Amongst the problem areas we can provide help with are back and spinal pain, knee problems, hip, neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries and post-surgery rehab, and arthritis and muscle stiffness and soreness.